2 PCs Rudder braided Fly Fishing Backing Line Leader Line 30 LB 100 M 110 Yard

30 LB Yellow x 2 Spools
30 LB White x 2 Spools
30 LB Orange x 2 Spools

Rudder Fly Line Backing is a great choice for most situations, as it offers a high strength-to-diameter ratio with very low stretch. In addition, the Dacron material is not woven quite as tightly as some other super-braid materials, which means you get the benefits of a thin, manageable line plus better knotting ability, allowing you to easily make blind splice loops. 110 yard spool.

Each color comes with 2 50 yard spools. (total of 100 yards)

  • Great backing choice for most situations
  • High strength-to-diameter ratio
  • Very low stretch
  • A looser weave than other other super-braids
  • Allows you to more easily make blind splice loops
  • Thin and manageable, with better knotting ability