131pc Fishing Lures Kit With Tackle Box

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So you want a great assortment of baits but don't want to break the bank.  This is the kit for you.  You get a huge assortment of different lures in a convenient tackle box all at a great price.  With this many lures you won't have any problem landing fish.

Set Includes:
- Hard Baits: 1x minnow, 2x popper, 1x crank, 1x pencil, 1x VIB.
- Metal Sequins: 12x sequins.
- Soft Baits: 5x tube, 10x bread worms, 10x cricket, 10x grubs, 7x craw, 5x corn grain, 5x rotating bait, 10x earthworm, 4x Frog, 2x soft fish.
- Lure Accessories: 3x lead head hook, 2x guide line, 2x bullet copper, 10x bead, 10x red heart, 5x Pin, 10x Double circle, 3x crank hook.